Born from an intuition of the founder and current President Sante Bolzonaro, Carmens Industry, has been able to grow over the years, going hand in hand with the evolution of the market and the demands of its customers.

The headquarter is located within the “Natural Park of the Euganean Hills” perfectly integrated into the environment thanks to the huge internal garden of which it is surrounded. Its decentralized position, compared to the classic industrial areas, makes it incredibly creative and unique, for atmosphere and quality of work.

The plants cover an area of ​​26,000 square meters, of which 12,650 square meters are destined for design, sample production, industrialization, planning, purchasing and logistics.
Future customer needs are the starting point for any company project.
A place where all the processes of conception, creation, prototyping and production are vertically controlled, without the need for external


The policy on which Carmens bases its mission is:

Innovating on Value: Carmens Industry intends to pursue innovative ways to distinguish itself from the market and offer its customers products with a high perceived value.

Customer satisfaction: Carmens Industry is committed to meeting the needs of the customer, in compliance with the agreed supply agreements .

Satisfy the staff guaranteeing their Safety and Health: Carmens Industry recognizes in its Personnel the main resource to achieve the objectives of its Policy. Promoting its training, recognizing its results and engaging in the prevention of accidents and accidents at work.

Optimizing business processes: Carmens Industry is committed to finding solutions that bring benefits to the components of the production chain (Supplier – Production – Customer) by involving them in its Mission.

Creating Minor Environmental Impact: The search for the least environmental impact and the reduction of residual risk are the new challenges that involve all company levels, thanks to the connection with the Institutions and the Local Community.

To maintain the excellence of the world quality standards, Carmens Industry has over the years implemented the following certifications:
ISO-INTEGRATED 9001-14001-18001: The requirements of an integrated management system that respect the quality of work (ISO 9001), prevention of environmental risks (UNI EN ISO 14001) and safety (BS OHSAS 18001).

Research and organization go hand in hand, to offer customers products that have become part of the contemporary lifestyle over time.

Calzaturificio Carmens s.p.a, Viale delle Terme 15, 35030 Galzignano Terme (PD) Tel. +39 049 9133400 E-mail:

P. IVA IT01502380288

Credit by ZANNI ADV